Marketing Makeovers for Small Businesses & Not-For-Profits

With all the demands involved in running a small business or not-for-profit, it’s easy to let marketing become a rote exercise. After all, marketing is not what inspires most entrepreneurs and executive directors to pursue their chosen careers.

If you think your marketing program could use a boost, you’re probably right. If you know your marketing program doesn’t use your resources in the best ways, it’s time to revamp. A fresh, solid marketing plan will save you time and money, and support your hard work in building your business or not-for-profit.

During your Marketing Makeover, I will:

  • Assess your current marketing program, including any newsletters, advertising, sponsorships, promotions, publicity, social media and other communications to customers/constituents
  • Create a written audit of the current state of your marketing
  • Develop a plan for what stays, what goes and what’s missing
  • Discuss the recommendations in detail and modify based upon your input
  • Provide you with a written plan to execute on your own or with my assistance at whatever level makes sense for your budget and other resources

The Marketing Makeover may be just what you need. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at