For many businesses and not-for-profits, their potential for public relations, content marketing and social media is untapped. Even when organizations are reaching out through these channels, they often find it difficult to maintain the kind of pace necessary to make an impact. Maybe you recognize some of these questions:

  • How do we get past just issuing press releases and product announcements?
  • We have so much expertise, but what’s the best way to leverage it in our marketing?
  • I know we’re supposed to have a blog and a Facebook page, but does it really make a difference?
  • We tried social media, but we couldn’t keep up. How do people find the time to stay on top of it?

Even a decade ago, outreach was less complicated. With the opportunities created by new channels of communication comes the need for strategic approaches that maximize your content without overburdening your team, or your audiences. Not every social media outlet, collateral piece or public relations tactic is right for everyone. We can work together to make sure that your outreach plan maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.