Communications Strategy & Messaging

Flowchart on a chalk boardCommunications strategy and message development is as much about what your audiences want to hear as it is about what you want to say. A smart strategy and meaningful messages will save you time and money, and build connections with your constituents.

My approach begins with the “science” — gathering information about your company and your competitors, gaining perspective from your stakeholders and mining for insight on your industry. I add the “art” by using the elements of storytelling to choose the words and phrases that will best represent what you have to offer.

With your messages finalized, we work together to create a communications strategy that supports your business or organizational goals, and integrates with related activities, such as events, advertising, product launches, the introduction of new services, fundraising efforts, etc.

A sound communications strategy is necessary for any business or not-for-profit. Too many companies and organizations are working with a plan that is outdated, not scalable or misaligned with their goals, or they don’t have one at all. If you are interested in hearing more about how a solid communications strategy can benefit you, please get in touch at